Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Virginia residents are still looking for products that will make their lives easier. Health insurance is one of the most popular topics. As healthcare costs continue to rise, so does the importance of health insurance.

Virginia residents without health insurance are more at risk for financial instability due to injury or illness. There are no doubt that health insurance plans come with costs, but affordable policies are available. With the implementation of the healthcare reforms, many options will be open to Virginians.

Indemnity plans in Virginia

Indemnity health insurance plans offer coverage for reimbursement of claims. Based on the needs and requirements of the insured, the level of coverage can vary from basic to extensive. As such, costs for health plans may vary, including copays, deductibles and premiums.

Managed care plans for Virginia

Managed care health insurance plans are different than indemnity plans. These plans include a group or providers who provide comprehensive medical services. They are sometimes called participating or preferred providers.

There’s basically three options for managed care:

* Health Maintenance Organization or HMO

HMOs enable the insured to choose their primary care physician from the provider’s list. If the insured person feels it is necessary to see a specialist, their primary care physician will refer them.

* Preferred Provider Organization or PPO

PPOs give members access to a wide range of medical services. PPOs generally allow its members to get care outside their network of providers, but at a slightly higher rate.

* Point of Service or POS

POS plans for medical care are a special type of HMOs. They allow the member to choose a different provider at a slightly more expensive price.


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