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Lower back pain is often caused by a fitness issue, and not a medical condition.

It’s likely that lower back pain is caused by weakness and inflexibility. Tight and weak muscles can cause bones to move out from alignment, which puts pressure on ligaments and tensions as well as muscles, discs, and joints.

Because it has no idea what lowerbacktightness the medical industry creates prescriptions. Rarely will a doctor examine you to determine your strength and flexibility, check if you have any alignment issues or recommend a series of strength and flexibility exercises to get you in alignment.

Celebrex isn’t the cause of back pain. Yet, millions of people end up using Celebrex after visiting their doctor. This junk medicine is a form of medicine that focuses on symptom masking and not the restoration or improvement of poor function.

One of the exercises they might give you is bringing your knees to your chest. This may temporarily relieve the symptoms, but it won’t solve the root cause.

A fitness-based technology is a better choice.

Question: What’s the root cause of this problem?

Answer: Bones that are not in alignment.

Question: What causes bones to move out-of-line?

Answer: There are weak and tight muscles in your body.

Question: Which muscles are weak?

Answer: Most likely most of your muscles. You can see the effects of a lack of a consistent and structured strength training program on your muscles. They become less strong and are unable to support the body properly. You need to strengthen your trunk muscles, front, back, and core. However, your best option is to start a general strength training program that covers all aspects of your body, both at home and in the gym.

What about tight muscles? Tight muscles can cause bones to move out of alignment. This is the bad news. Good news is that if you loosen your muscles, there’s a good possibility that the bones will align themselves.

Question: Which muscles are in need of being loosen?

Answer: Any muscles that attach to your pelvis or lumber vertebrae, especially hamstring, buttock, and hip flexor muscle. These muscles are most likely to cause your pelvis to be out of alignment. This happens when the bones above it are out of alignment. This is the cause of back pain.

You need to focus on the root cause and not just the symptoms.

The musculoskeletal ecosystem

Treat your body like a musculoskeletal ecosystem. Start loosening tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles. Over time, bones will move in a better alignment. You’ll become more strong and be able support your body better. This is the best way to treat joint and muscle pain. This process can be supplemented by any other therapy, such as rubbing, crunching or heating, vibrating, and doping. It’s possible to eliminate your pain by doing strength and flexibility exercises. It is not possible to do nothing. It is not the best way to get rid of your pain. You want to be better than you are now.

Keep tuned and keep your ears open. If you are experiencing pain in your joints or muscles, get back to the exercises.

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