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If you don’t know how to properly attribute credit to impression-based display ads for sales or other conversion events you are more likely to make poor budgeting and marketing mix choices. Display ad clicks are not enough to measure effectiveness.

Let’s take a hypothetical example. Software products are your business. You have been running software product display advertisements on Facebook for three months targeting males between 25 and 50 years old. Paid search advertising has also been a priority for you.

Both your pay per click and call to action ads can be monitored for click-throughs. Paid search has high click-through and conversion rates, but slow click-through rates for display ads. To increase your search engine result page visibility, you can abandon your display campaign and start bidding higher for “software products”.

What happens next? Payed search click-throughs and conversion rates drop. Did it happen because a competitor introduced new software products? Perhaps your Facebook ad lost its view-through value after you killed your display advertising campaign. Without technology and processes that can measure impression-based views based on business-impacting terms like site visits, pages viewed and time on site, you won’t be able to know.

The Role and responsibilities of a Display Advertising Partner

Many organizations use call-to-action display advertising partners to transform large amounts of user data into actionable marketing.

Display advertising partners are usually the marketer’s representatives and make media purchases across a mix of integrated ad networks and direct publisher relationships. They are usually the sole partner responsible for the overall goals of the marketer. Display advertising partners invest time and effort to help you translate your marketing goals into actionable plans. They can also provide creative and strategic development, reporting, analysis, creative testing, as well as other services.

Inbound marketing certifications are also available. The consultant has been trained in a variety of marketing channels, media usage, as well as strategic call-to-action design and development.

Inbound marketing consultants and display advertising partners have different approaches and levels. It is important to fully understand your needs and ask the questions that will allow you to find the right match. These questions can help you distinguish between display advertising partners and premium inbound marketing consulting firms.

Here are some things to consider if your company is interested in working with call-to-action display advertising partners and inbound marketing agencies.

  • What is the account services model?
  • Is creativity included?
  • How can messages be optimized? (by testing, algorithms, etc.)
  • How customizable is it possible?
  • What’s their plan beyond simple browser acquisition?
  • What does the partner do to monitor the network infrastructure and user experience?
  • Are they able to use their own technology?
  • How can they protect their privacy?
  • What tools and processes are they using to protect our brand’s image?
  • How focused is your partner in servicing our section?
  • Which clients are they able to support?
  • What are their financial records?
  • Which online marketing certifications are they certified in?
  • What related programs did they complete?
  • Are they able to provide marketing training in the past?
  • Are they publishing related articles in industry peer-reviewed journals

When deciding whether to use a certified partner inbound marketing consultancy firm or display advertising partner, consider the following questions.

If you’re serious about improving your lead generation skills, you owe yourself the obligation to learn as much as you can about online advertising and inbound marketing management.

If you’re a business owner, however, you should have a fully integrated website development system for lead generation. This will allow you to rank for your primary keywords quickly, generate quality leads and prompt you to optimize your content. It also includes an email and social media monitoring system. WordPress does not have that ability, even with all the plugins.

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