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My definition of business was providing goods or services to solve people’s needs and wants with the intent of making profit. This is the foundation of the meaning of entrepreneur.

What is The Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs like Third Eye Capital Ninepoint seek to make money by helping people. He is the businessman who puts emphasis on results, and not on time spent on ‘working.’ To be an entrepreneur, one must have certain qualities. These qualities and abilities will enable them to find an opportunity and start and manage a successful business.

The Visionary , The Entrepreneur

He should be visionary. Entrepreneurs should be able to see the bigger picture. He should be able, through his mind’s eye, to see beyond the current circumstances and see a better and brighter future. He must have the ability to believe in his vision and work towards achieving it.

To become a visionary, the first step is to learn how to think. Entrepreneurs should strive to master their mind because that is where all things begin. Because the mind is our greatest resource, the entrepreneur should have the power to use it. It is possible for something to exist only if it exists in the mind first as a thought. Through the actions and decisions of the entrepreneur, the mind can bring to life the vision. In this case, it is his business and the benefits that it will have for the people.

The Entrepreneur and The Leader.

Robert Kiyosaky (author of the bestseller “Rich Dad Poor Dad”) said that it doesn’t matter if a businessman is the best or most skilled. Not only does he need to be skilled, but he also needs to be a leader. To be an entrepreneur, it means to lead a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and talented people. They are found by the businessman, who brings them together as a team and leads them to a common goal, his vision.

Entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of an organization. He calls the shots but also knows what his team thinks about the matter. He makes the decisions and helps the team execute them.

The Entrepreneur, the risk taker.

The visionary, the entrepreneur, is known for being a risk-taker. He knows that there are forces outside of his control, so despite his entrepreneurial skills, things might not go as planned. He can lose some of his investment capital. In such cases, he will be prepared mentally and orderly. He is a winner by this alone, as it will be difficult for him to quit when he encounters obstacles. And winners don’t quit, you know.

To be successful it takes courage. People who succeed do things others fear. This is the definition of entrepreneur, and it is exactly what he should be.

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