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There are many options when it comes to creating your Halloween costume. These space alien costumes will make your next Halloween party more creepy, kooky, or funny.

You can make your hair look futuristic and Alien Store with a space-age, funky color. The best colors are bright green and blue. You can achieve this look with temporary hair color products. Temporary hair coloring sprays are available in most shops around Halloween and in costume shops all year.

Hair chalk is another popular hair color option. Sticks are available for temporary hair coloring. Once it has been applied to your hair, it will not come off your skin. It comes in vibrant colors and can be washed out with shampoo.

There are many options available for you once you’ve had your hair done. For a unique look, you can apply green lipstick and face paint. You can also skip face paint and use sticky jewels to apply patterns all over your face. You can also make your alien have multiple eyes by using this easy trick. You can simply buy a sheet sticky googol eyes from craft shops. You can apply many eyes to your forehead or all over your face. This is my child, looking at you.

You can easily dress up as an alien by wearing a long-sleeve shirt and tights in loud, bright colors. You can pair colors, such as neon blue and bright yellow, that no other earthling would wear. To accessorize your space, choose a shiny, shimmery belt.

A spaceship is a necessity for every alien, and you too can have one. An inflatable inner tube, paint and ribbon are all you need to make a DIY spaceship. Spray painting the inner tube will be necessary after it has been inflated. For a more authentic UFO look, you can spray paint the inner tube metallic silver or alien green. You can decorate it with portal windows, hatch doors, seems or any other decorative items you like.

Ribbon that matches the color of your UFO will be required. Tie the ribbon around your inner tube/UFO in four sections. Two in the front and two at the back. This UFO suspenders-style will be worn. Measure and cut two pieces of longer ribbon. One piece will be worn over each shoulder. The other one will be tied to the UFO’s ribbon in the back and front. After you have donned your alien costume, take off your shoes and slip into the UFO. Then, tie the ribbon straps to your waist. You’re now ready to blast off!

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