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After you’ve learned the basics of drills, it is time to incorporate more advanced drills in your practice. These are two advanced drills that can help you deal with difficult situations.

Power and finesse. This drill will focus on using both feet for power and finesse. You should aim for finesse shots that are soft, accurate, well placed. Power shots should not be easy, but accurate and well-placed.
Begin by having several players form two lines just outside the eighteen box. One line must be placed five feet left of the half-circle and the other five feet directly to its right.
Each player will take 2 shots. One at the eighteen and one in the six boxes. If a player misses one of these shots, they are moved to the other end of their line. If a player hits both of the shots, they can challenge another player from their team.
They are out of the drill if they miss both. With a pile filled with balls, have two passers either side of your goal. The passers must pass two balls per player.

Juggling – This drill emphasizes soft touches which results in better control of the ball. Take a Xoi Lac TV ball and hold it in your hands. Now, take the ball to your feet. As long as you can, keep the ball off the ground using your both feet. To do this, lightly kick the ball towards the sky. Lift your foot toward the sky and contact the laces with your foot. Keep the ball just below your waist. You should kick the ball upwardly with a light, up-pointing snap of your foot.

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