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For schools, non-profits, churches, and civic groups, Instagram is a wonderful tool. It’s simple and easy to use. People love it because it is all about visuals. A picture is worth a thousand word, as they say.

Why should you use Instagram?

These statistics should make you happy.

  • More than 600 users are active each month.
  • The social network has shared 40 billion photos.
  • Every day, Instagram is liked by 4.2 billion people.
  • The platform is used by 28 percent of Internet users aged between 18 and 29 years old.
  • 8 percent of brands use Instagram. This number is expected to rise to 70% by the end.

There are many reasons why brands, even nonprofits, migrate to Instagram.

  • A single post can contain up to 10 videos and pictures. This means that if your primary image grabs someone’s attention, they will take a few extra seconds to look through your other videos and pictures.
  • Sponsoring your posts or creating ads to a targeted audience can help you grow and encourage people in your target audience get involved.

קניית לייקים באינסטגרם can be a great tool for nonprofits and other organizations to increase their base. You can increase awareness of your brand by telling visual stories and get people involved in the work that you do. You can increase your followers every week by creatively using hashtags.

Here are some tips to help you grow your Instagram followers.

  • On Mondays and Thursdays, Instagram is at its best for engagement.
  • Instagram allows you to use up 30 hashtags. Use the relevant hashtags. Use the hashtags #philanthropy and #volunteer as well as #causes and #nonprofit.
  • Your videos should be fun. If you are unable to make them entertaining, make sure your videos are high-quality, striking, and interesting. When posting, ask yourself if you find the images or videos interesting. They won’t engage other people if they don’t grab your attention. Keep in mind that you are trying to grab people’s attention. Many young people visit the site looking for information that will catch their attention.
  • Tag people in your posts. To help raise awareness, tag champions and supporters of your organization using @mention (username). Tags help your post remain relevant for longer.
  • Social media is all about networking. People want to see you. Let your followers see the “behind-the scenes” view of the work that you do.
  • Many people who use Instagram filters and emojis are Millennials or Generation Z. Use them on Instagram. Filter your photos and add emojis. This helps people to pay attention while scrolling.

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