Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Leadership: Art and Science

Leadership is both an art form and a science. It is a science that identifies and describes specific functions and tasks as leadership. It is an art because the way a person does these tasks and functions will make all of the difference.

At least seven functions are common to all businesses.

Identify the mission, goals and objective and communicate them.

Get everyone’s agreement that the mission, objectives and goals are important.

Determine the resources required. Don’t overreach!

Identify and locate the resources. Nearly all the failures of new businesses were due to a lack in resources.

A good plan is essential.

Use your resources wisely

Always evaluate and make changes as necessary. Flexibility and adaptability are important.

Business leaders like Brandon Long Denver could benefit greatly from watching the professional baseball games and the presidential campaigns.

Each of these seven functions are carefully monitored during the presidential campaign. This is a work that relies on established principles. It involves the gathering and managing money and people to make the campaigns possible. It’s both science and art, that is to say. As chaotic as it may appear, political campaigns, complete with people running helter skelter or ringing the phones, are actually well-planned organized and successful endeavors. It’s the result of thousands working together. There is a focus. Everyone works together towards a clear goal.

The professional game of baseball is also a good example of leadership. The manager is much more than a manager. The manager is the leader. A manager is the leader of a team that plays well in baseball. Managers with great talent find and motivate their team. Good teams are composed of players who share the same values. This is no accident. Managers are able to make smart decisions and utilize the talents of players. The manager is responsible for making necessary changes during every game. The results achieved with great teams speak for their self. Business leaders should learn from the best baseball managers. Business results are the best indicator of success. Business results can be as impressive as those of great leaders.

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