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Microsoft office for mac Home and Student 2011 allows your family to make the most of every moment, from organizing your home and planning important gatherings to helping with homework. Microsoft Office is the most trusted and most widely-used productivity suite. It runs on over 1 billion Macs and PCs. Office for Mac 2011 will help you get more out of your Mac. To help you get your ideas to the next level, use familiar programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Office for Mac can be used with Office for Windows. This allows you to share documents with anyone using a Mac or a PC. Access, edit and share your files from anywhere using the free Office Web Apps. Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 includes Word for Mac 2011, Excel for Mac 2011, and PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

(1) Word for Mac 2011

This version includes the powerful write tool that allows you to create stunning documents, store them online, edit, and share your work. Through the layout preview, it can create visual effects like newsletters, brochures, and other types of documents. You can also see the effects of the style on the documents using the version style. Word Web App can be used to view, edit and store the documents. You can also share and co-found the documents with anyone, regardless of whether they are using Mac or PC Office.

(2) Excel for Mac 2011

To make your financial statements stand out, use a spreadsheet that is easy to understand. Upload a spreadsheet to the Web and view, edit, share, or co-create it with your family. Visual Basic can automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and save time. PivotTables allow you to analyze data faster and more efficiently. Excel tables can be used to organize, filter, and format relevant information.

(3) PowerPoint for Mac 2011

This version allows you to create a professional presentation that will inspire your audience. The online interpretation of the report may also leave an impression on them. You can also remove the background from PowerPoint or add color fillers to photos. You can also broadcast presentations online, rather than in a conference hall. You can also quickly re-arrange text, photos, and graphics using dynamic reorganization.

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