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If you follow the following advice, you don’t have to cancel your vacation or worry about fish tank aquariums.

Fish don’t need to be fed every day. A few days without food can help your fish get rid of toxins and improve their digestion. If you are only going to be away for a few days, your fish will still survive. Don’t give your fish a large meal. Automatic fish feeder can cause severe problems, and is more dangerous than underfeeding.

You may consider asking someone to take care of your fish while you’re away. If they are not aquarists, make sure you measure the food and place it in containers that are marked for that day.

You can also use vacation blocks of food, which are available in weekend sizes up to 14 days. These blocks are made of Plaster of Paris mixed with fish food. The fish can eat this food as the Plaster-of-Paris dissolves into the water.

An automatic fish feeder is the alternative that makes me happy when I can’t call someone. These feeders are usually powered by batteries and can be attached to your tank aquariums. The dispensers can be filled with dry food suitable for your fish, and then they will give you one or more meals each day. You can test it for several days before you leave your fish dependent on it.

Water Give your fish tank aquariums an extensive clean before you go. Perform 20% water changes every day for three to four days. This will ensure that the water quality is maintained as much as possible during your absence. It is a good idea for those who are planning to be gone for more than seven to ten days to make some water mixture in a bucket to allow someone to refill your tropical freshwater aquariums. If you are going on a longer vacation, make sure to teach the person taking care of your fish tank aquariums how it works to give partial water changes.

Equipment Before you leave, make sure all equipment is in working order.

Last but not least, give someone who is responsible for your freshwater aquarium a checklist and your number.

Home… After a wonderful vacation, you are feeling refreshed and relaxed …! You should first check the health of your fish and then do a water change. This will bring the water chemistry in line. You will be able to continue caring for your fish as usual.

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