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People snorkel because it is so relaxing. It is easy to just float and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, without having to worry about the challenges we face in daily life.

What is the secret to snorkeling with turtles the right way? It is simple. Relax is the most important thing. You don’t need to rush. To maximize the enjoyment of your snorkeling experience, you need to learn how to properly snorkel.

It may seem a little scary to breathe underwater through a tube if you’re a beginner. However, once you get used to it, it will become second nature. It is recommended to practice snorkeling in shallow water, preferably in a swimming pool or sandy beach.

Start by lying flat on your stomach. Then, place your face in the water at a 45-degree angle. Allow your lips to seal around the snorkel and then bite down gently on it. To avoid any possible water getting into the snorkel tube, it is a good rule of thumb to exhale after putting the snorkel in your mouth.

Take slow, steady breaths through the tube to test the snorkel. Take slow, deep and careful breaths through the snorkel. There is no need to panic. You can lift your head from the water if necessary. Relax and pay attention to your breathing. Your breathing through the snorkel barrel should be very audible.

You will quickly realize that snorkeling can be tiring. What’s the next step? The great thing about the snorkel? It allows you to breathe underwater while the snorkel lets you lie down face-down in the water. This is your next task: learn basic snorkeling skills. This is a good place to start. This resting position is important because it will help you conserve energy on long snorkeling trips.

Snorkel Clearing Technique

It is important to practice using the snorkel before you venture out into open waters. Your snorkel should be below the surface of the water. The snorkel barrel should feel like water is entering your head. It is crucial that you hold your breathe at this point. Although it may seem strange to hold your breath openly, it is actually quite easy. Keep in mind that you should never inhale if water is entering the snorkel.

Next, you need to remove all water from the snorkel. Once the snorkel is above the water surface, this can be done. Until you learn how to snorkel properly, you should not exhale while your snorkel is underwater. Once you have run out of air, your instinct will be to inhale and you’ll get water. Now, place your head on the surface of the water without lifting it. Then exhale quickly and forcefully into the snorkel. This will force the water out from the snorkel barrel. This will blast the water out of your snorkel. A second blast can remove any remaining water.

Keep in mind, however, that water can enter the snorkel regardless of whether you are not submerging your head. Some water can enter the snorkel due to excessive splashing or surf conditions. Remember to breathe slowly. Repeat the blast process to get rid of any water in the snorkel.

Even though you might have water in your snorkel, you can inhale slowly and use the airway control to get enough air. You have learned how to clear your snorkel using proper airway control.

This is all there is to it. Once you get the hang of these techniques, your snorkel clearing skills will be automatic.

These are some tips to remember when you learn how to snorkel.

To conserve energy, swim at a steady pace.
Try to streamline your life as much as you can. Keep your arms at the side
To avoid choking on any water entering your snorkel, breathe carefully.

Remember that you’re still learning how to snorkel. The more you practice with your snorkeling gear the better. Be patient. Once you are comfortable with the proper snorkeling technique, breathing through the snorkel and using your fins, it will become second nature. Relax and enjoy the experience so you can blend in with the marine environment.

Remember to care for your equipment after you’re done with your snorkeling trip. Check out our snorkeling gear guide for information on how to care for your equipment after every outing.

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