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It’s okay to have a backlink. This is an important lesson that every SEO must learn. Just because something is on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that Google has it. They will not come if you don’t build it. Google will find your content, whether it is on your site or in a directory. Also, your web properties must be indexed. How do you do that? Thank you for asking.

It can be difficult how to index backlink to get backlinks indexed. It can happen quickly and easily, while other times it takes a lot more effort. It’s not possible to spend your entire time checking back on backlinks, especially if you have just created 1,000 profiles. You need a consistent strategy you can use for every backlink. Simply put, indexing your backlinks means that you point more backlinks to them. This can be done in two ways.

1. Social Bookmarking

Google crawls social sites CONSTANTLY. Google will index any bookmarks you have posted on Digg or Delicious very quickly. This is what happens: A Google spider is busy crawling a social site and stumbles upon the page with your bookmark. Your backlink is linked to the bookmark you have posted. The spider will follow the link you have placed in your bookmark to find the page with the backlink that you created. It is now indexed. This is really all that you need to do to quickly get your links indexed by Google and other Search Engines.

2. Pinging

Pinging is another efficient and easy way to get backlinks indexed. You can think of pinging as: You create a page on a website, but nobody knows about it (ie Google). It’s almost like you’ve raised an alarm by pinging the page – it’s like saying “Hey! Take a look at this! The search engines will respond accordingly. Use social bookmarking in combination with search engine optimization to get all your backlinks indexed quickly.

These strategies are the most cost-effective and efficient ways to index. You can purchase automation software to automate the process if you feel it takes too much time. You can also use programs such as Backlink Index Express Express, Backlink Energizer and SEO Fast Indexer to do more intensive backlink indexing. These tools are more than just social bookmarking or pinging. They do it well.

Although backlinking is essential to the success of your site in the SERPs it doesn’t end there. It is not enough just to have backlinks to get high rankings. You must also ensure that search engines find these links.

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