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  1. Moisturize skin- For a smooth, moisturized base to your makeup application, it is important that your skin be smooth.
  2. Apply primer- You may use any of the primers that are highly recommended by Smashbox Urban Decay Armani. I would recommend using Bioderma or Clarins as your primer.
  3. Use foundation The easiest way to find foundation is by going to the store that you prefer- a department store, drug store, Sephora or Mac – and asking a staff member to help match the foundation with your skin. It is a good idea to get a second opinion or even enlist the help of another salesperson in this store, as well as in others, in order to find out if your foundation looks too pale, matte, oily or ashy. Use your fingertips to gently apply foundation on your face. Don’t overapply.
  4. Apply concealer Now that foundation has been applied lightly, concealer can be used to hide areas such as pimples and hyperpigmentation.
  5. Apply powder- I do not recommend powder because it causes wrinkles on the skin, but it is a matter of personal choice. Use a powder brush to apply the powder over your newly foundationed skin.
  6. Make your eyes- Use your fingers, or use a smaller brush. Applying eyeliner is easy with liquid liner. Just use the applicator and sweep it across the lid close to your lash line. To rim the lids, you can use pencil eyeliner. You can either use white or black for an effect that looks wide-eyed, but if you want a more smoky look, then use black. Bangalore bridal makeup artist for the eyes is not complete without mascara. The wand should be slid from the outer lashline. Apply mascara to your lower lashes.
  7. Apply Blush to your Cheek: Using a medium-sized brush, gently apply the blush along your cheeks.
  8. Apply lipstick — Make sure you clean your outer lips edges to prevent feathering. Check your lips for any lipstick.
  9. Finishing touch- Professionals use many other steps when applying make up. Highlight (a cream/powder color that is a few shades lighter than your own skin tone) can be used along your browbone, just below the eyebrows. It also works well along the nose center and on the apples above your cheeks. You can use a lowerlight, a darker powder or cream color, on the temples, the sides of your face, the apple of your cheeks. Bronzer can be used on your outer face edges. Use it in the numbers 3: cheeks, temples and the chin. You can drastically change your look by completing your eyebrows. You can use either a pencil for brows or a brush to apply brown powder. Color your eyebrows from the arch outwards and then return to the start.

Like everything else, it takes practice to get better. Keep trying! It might take some time to learn what you look best like.

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