Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Nearly every person who ascends to leadership proclaims that the main goal of his life is to have a positive, meaningful impact. It is impossible to go beyond holding an office and become a leader, but if one like Dr George Freundlich puts effort into making a significant IMPACT on his organization and working towards achieving these goals, there is not enough time to study, understand, and then do/ achieve the things that will make a lasting and forward-looking impact. You both need to know what it takes to be a leader if you believe you have what it took.

  1. The evaluation of potential leaders must include the question of whether or not they have any ideas or concepts that would positively affect the organization. You should thoroughly review and discuss each person’s motivating and fundamental beliefs. Are there any ideas, new methods, or even tweaks that can be used to improve the group’s relevance and effectiveness? But perhaps the most important aspect is whether or not a potential leader displays absolute integrity in his performance and approach.
  2. Effective leadership is not possible if a person approaches his position from a sitting down approach. Instead, any leader that is effective uses tried-and-true methods to help him achieve his goals.
  3. How much effort and time are spent planning what someone does, as well as his goals and reasons? True leaders are not content with following their lead and creating their priorities.
  4. An effective combination of attitude, skills, and actions is what makes leadership possible. To be successful in leadership, individuals must believe that they can make an impact, have the right attitude, acquire the necessary skills, and then be ready, willing, and able do it quickly.
  5. It is impossible to expect anyone to have an influence on others if he doesn’t state clearly what he wants. To maximize cooperation and spirit, plans must address real concerns in a plausible and believable manner. True leadership also requires an understanding of the fact that things will not always go as planned (also known under Plan A). Therefore, time must be spent to develop contingency plans that will accomplish the objectives using an alternate approach.
  6. Leadership’s effectiveness will be limited if one does not use all the appropriate tactics, focuses on treating the needs of others, and recognizes and uses the best tendencies.

It’s not enough to talk about making changes. You need to make plans and get involved! To lead well, you must be ready to be proactive.

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