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I hope you enjoyed my previous article, which featured a few free starter systems that can help you get started with making your own. Are you able to use them yet?

Now, let’s get back to the two systems that I discussed in my previous article.

Are you familiar with them? Are you a winner?

If you did, you’ve already failed today’s lesson – DISCIPLINE.

I advised you to not “paper-trade” them, but to use them for profit.

You did it! Now, stand at the corner. I’ll talk to you ….

Sorry, I was just reminding you of your former school headmaster. You’ve just had horrendous flashbacks. Although I know I am being facetious, I hope that I have made an important point. This is the first lesson: Never blindly trust someone who claims his system cannot fail. This is the quickest way to get into a poor house. You should test, test, and then test again. If everything is perfect, then you can risk your hard-earned money. If you do win, congratulations naughty people. You can buy your teacher an apple or a Lamborghini depending on how LUCKY you are.

You can see that I used the word LUCK. Pro-Investors do not deal in LUCK. They deal with FACT!

A survey was conducted not too long ago. I launched a second poll on the same topic today. One of the questions asked people what their biggest obstacle to winning at betting. They repeatedly told me that their greatest problem was DISCIPLINE. It wasn’t the fact that they couldn’t find winners. Although this was high on the list of possible answers, it wasn’t that they didn’t have the time or the resources to do so. And it wasn’t the difficulty in finding a staking strategy that would meet the requirements of the betting system. It was the time immemorial human weakness, you guessed it, DISCIPLINE AND WILL-POWER (or lack thereof as the case may have been).

Sorry for being all Biblical, but Adam could have placed a bet on two horses racing around the Garden of Eden track during National Hunt season. He would have been the first punter to go bankrupt in history of time because he succumbed to TEMPTATION. It beats the apple story, and blaming Eve, doesn’t that?

We are now ready to move on to the next step of “My 7 Step Roadmap To Riches”.

The Jedi Knight discipline is developed

Long time ago, in a faraway galaxy …..

Star Wars is a story we all know, don’t you? In case you don’t…

Anakin Skywalker, a young apprentice to Obi Wan Ben Kenobi, longed to become a Jedi Master. He was not organized and focused. He was a maverick. He let himself be distracted, and he fell for Princess Padme Amidala. He was eventually seduced and consumed by the Dark Side’s evil forces, becoming Darth Vader.

Each of us have followed a similar path in our betting habits. All of us know that it is important to have a plan and follow that plan. All of us know that we must seek out value in all our investments. All of us KNOW that we need to have a sound money management strategy.

We all know we need to quit smoking, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and exercise regularly …!

While I understand that people have their vices and bad habits, developing better DISCIPLINE means establishing solid new habits and giving your mind control over your heart.

What can I do to get started?

It takes time to establish new habits. Although you cannot change your behavior overnight, empirical data shows that it can take up to 60 days for your brain’s to recognize a change as a habit.
If you have a strong reason for making changes, you will be more motivated to resist temptations. You will not be distracted if you truly want to become a pro-investor.
Make a plan and write it down. You should be as specific as possible and have clear rules. This isn’t psychobabble. If you write your plan down, it will be easier to identify when you are imagining doing something that is NOT in the plan.
Ask yourself the following question every time you place a bet. Is this part of your Plan or not? Don’t place a bet if it isn’t planned. Whatever the circumstance, don’t place it!
You may think that the above is too simplistic. It’s easier for you to write down statements like this than to actually act on them. Yes, it is true. But, if you put yourself out there daily and resist the temptation to take an “extra bet just because” then the pain will diminish over time.

Although it can be difficult to gamble without emotions, it is the most important thing for any pro-investor. We invest to make money, not lose it. However, I understand that many people are attracted to betting because of their emotions. This can sometimes lead to an addiction. How emotional do the hundreds of punters who hold the winning ticket for their favorite as he pulls away from Cheltenham’s final hill? Does it feel good or bad? It doesn’t really matter what emotion you are looking for.

While I don’t think you should not celebrate your successes, it is important to remember to take a moment to appreciate the small victories. Next time you’re at the races, look away from the horses and instead, pay attention to the people in the betting rings. They look so emotional! This is a comparison to punters and race-goers. It’s pretty pathetic, right? Because betting is their business. That is how you should treat your betting activities if you want profit and your sanity intact.

Spock, from Star Trek, would have made a great punter if he had taken a sideways leap in the Star Wars theme. He was a logical thinker and didn’t have any emotions. If you prefer The Next Generation Commander Data, the android would make a great role model. He would also be an excellent companion for anyone trying to figure out the returns on a Super Heinz winning Super Heinz. These types of people will help you to model your betting patterns.

If you have trouble keeping emotions out of your betting, an android app could be a solution. The betting “bots” are not quite as “sci fi”, but they are just as effective. These software programs can be programmed so that they follow all your betting instructions and specifications to the letter. They will identify your bets and automatically place them at your chosen prices. You can continue with your day job and stay out of trouble!

These bots will never be tempted to take a “tip” from a dead-cert, chase losses, or make the same “stupid” mistakes as humans.

These “betting bots”, I’ll be reviewing soon.

Developing DISCIPLINE is a skill that only YOU can master. Although I’m happy to be your personal Yoda. The answer lies with you.

Do not be seduced into believing that the Dark Side is the only way to go.

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