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Bloggers and webmasters are constantly striving to improve the browsing experience of their visitors and readers. Integrating the latest Google gadgets into your site is one of the best ways you can do this. This article will help webmasters find the most recent gadgetmongers and show them how to integrate them into their websites.

Different types of Google gadgets

You can divide the latest Google gadgets into two main divisions: productivity and entertainment.

1. Productivity gadgets

These productivity gadgets can be used to increase understanding of the content on a website. The latest gadgets include:

Calendar viewer – This tool allows users to view the future events planned. A technology blog, for example, can tell users when the next meet-up is.

Currency converter – One of the most popular gadgets, this currency converter is extremely useful. This gadget allows users to convert currencies quickly and easily. The gadget automatically updates to give the best exchange rates, so users don’t have to search.

Stock charts – This latest Google gadget is very useful for stock market investors. This allows you to view all daily changes in any security’s stock price without visiting financial websites.
Google has a variety of gadgets that can increase productivity in every area of your life.

2. Entertainment Gadgets

Entertainment gadgets allow users to have fun while browsing your website. They allow users to enjoy their time on your site. This results in lower bounce rates and higher conversions. The latest gadgets include:

Games like bejeweled, super Mario Bros, super fight etc. Simple games on a few pages can make your site more enjoyable and increase site time. These Google gadgets are best used on entertainment websites and personal blogs.

These wallpaper gadgets allow webmasters add slideshows on their home pages. These gadgets can increase the website’s aesthetic appeal. These are the most recent gadgets webmasters should include on their websites.

How to add the most recent Google gadgets to your webpage

To access the latest gadgets, all a person has to do is choose one. Clicking on it will take him to a page where it can be set up exactly how he wants it to appear. You can adjust the following parameters:

* Title – To lure people to use the gadget, you can give it a catchy title
* Width in pixels
* Height in pixels
* Language
* Border design

These gadgets may have different parameters depending on their type.

After setting up the parameters, click the “get the Code” button. This will allow the webmaster access to the code for the newest gadgets. The code is then copied to any area of the website. Instantly, the gadget begins to work.

A person can also contribute to the development of new Google gadgets by creating one. This is easy for anyone with web design and programming skills.

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