How are you doing in the current crisis?

We are agitated, awake and hopeful with small interruptions. One is powerless with regard to the whole situation – this provides a certain amount of serenity. At the same time, we are powerful in shaping our thoughts of future ideas. All in all: mixed feelings!


What is the worst thing for you right now?

That Italy is closed! Our most important fabric partners are located there, so we cannot continue to work on the new collection and have it produced. Furthermore our dealers are suffering. Everything is blocked to a certain extent, the incredible networking of the industry is becoming very clear at the moment.


How do you spend the quarantine?

We cook, read, listen to music, sleep, there is Netflix. Because we live in the countryside, we can always go out into to the garden and nature. We are grateful for that.  We shouldn’t forget that our quarantine problems are actually luxury problems.

Besides that: We work! Visibly handicapped and slower, but as good as it gets. We concentrate on driving on sight, reacting at short notice and dealing responsibly with our partners and our team.

What  impact will Corona have on the fashion industry in the longterm?

I wonder if things will really change a lot. In the long run, we are not so sure. Surely there will be a forced slowdown first. But we should not make the “after” too easy for ourselves. Not everything will be better, more sustainable and fairer, that is illusory. But hopefully some things will.


What do you wish for now?

That we all get through this together and keep our positive energy. Our craft helps us in this: creativity. To think alternatively and still get along, we need it all the more now.