How to make Fashion environmentally friendly

On the occasion of Berlin Fashion Week, the Federal Ministry for Environment (patron of the FCG support programme German Sustain Concept) invited fashion industry representatives participating their event „How the fashion of the future will be environmentally friendly“. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, Managing Director of the German outdoor brand Vaude Antje von Dewitz and British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan took part in a discussion and talked about how politics, fashion design and the textile industry can contribute making fashion more environmentally friendly. The panel discussion focused on the possibilities and opportunities for a sustainable future regarding the fashion industry dealing with the constantly growing challenge of textile production.

Video clips of the GSC Brands were produced and presented during the discussion. In those videos the designers Lara Krude, Lydia Maurer (Phylyda) and Ashley Marc Hovelle (oft) introduced themselves and their work. The clips illustrated how a combination of design, quality and innovation can lead to environmentally-friendly and aesthetic fashion.