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Mobile applications and ecommerce websites must be tested to ensure that they are secure, responsive, fast loading, and user experience. Your e-commerce website’s success depends on the smooth functioning of these elements. It should also be free from bugs. This will allow you to provide a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your users that will encourage them to return to your app for more products and services.

E-commerce success is only possible through testing

As we all know, ecommerce website development company in mumbai users are distributed worldwide because they deal with finance, marketing, retail, wholesale, and finance. It is also important to note that the e-commerce market has seen rapid growth over the last few years. Businesses and organizations should spend more time testing their website apps and make it an integral part of future ecommerce app development. We will be sharing some important tips on how to test an online e-commerce website app.

Test functionality of an ecommerce application

The structure of an e-commerce app or mobile web app includes four key elements:

Product description page – This page includes product images, add-to cart feature, product title and description.

Main pages include the homepage, press releases, privacy page, about us page and special offers pages.

Shopping Cart – Pay now, cash on delivery, product list view, card payment and select delivery options.

Product Pages or Category Type Pages – The product page offers options similar to product type, size, and color. You can also filter products by size, model and price using the sorting function. You can also add to your wish list and cart on the category pages.

It is essential to fully understand your e-commerce website or application before you begin functionality testing. Although the above features are common to all ecommerce applications, most of them can be customized to meet specific business requirements.

Test flow of an electronic-commerce application

These are the steps to test the workflow of an electronic-commerce website application.
* Please refer to the process
* Login and sign up
* Sorting feature
* Search functionality
* Payment processing and payment portal
* Applying filters to the selection of products
* Product review posting feature
* Order number and invoice generation
* Add or remove functionality from the shopping cart

Security and vulnerability assessments

It is crucial to test security for e-commerce mobile and web applications as they can store valuable client information, such as banking details and personal data.

Verify Compatibility With Web Browsers

It is crucial that e-commerce apps work on all browsers, including Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome. To ensure your customers are able to use the application without any hassle, run a browser compatibility test.

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