Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

A shell corporation linked to financier Scot French purchased the Gulfstream G650 Private Jet of a bankrupt Texas Corporation in 2020 for $44million, according to court records. French, an East Coast-based pilot seems to have put this plane to good uses. He flew across the nation and skid to Southern California to purchase his two homes in exclusive areas with fascinating Hollywood stories.

French purchased his first property in July 2020 for $32.5million. It was a Beverly Hills court estate. Jonathan Brooks purchased the property. Brad Pitt had purchased the property from this local hedge fund manager in 2006. Wallace Neff constructed the 2-parcel compound. Wallis Annenberg, Fredric March and Florence Eldridge owned the property.

French made his first purchase in July 2020. French paid $32.5million for a Beverly Hills tennis estate. Jonathan Brooks was a local manager of hedge funds and sold the property to Brad Pitt for $25 million. Wallace Neff was the original designer of the two-parcel compound. It was owned earlier by Fredric and Florence Eldridge, then Wallis Annenberg.

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