Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The Internal Revenue Service required that all non-profit hospital undertake a community need assessment (CHNA), beginning in 2012 and continuing every three years thereafter. The hospitals must also file a report every other year detailing progress the community has made in meeting the needs. This is an excellent example of a primary strategy for population health management. Primary prevention strategies focus on the prevention of disease occurrences or strengthening resistance to disease by focusing on environmental factors.

Non-profit hospitals in communities are a blessing, I believe. Working with the community to improve the health of the area can make huge strides towards improving public health. This is a critical determinant of overall health. According to the Blue Shirt Blog of Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( CHNAs & Beyond: Hospitals & Community Health Improvement ), “There’s a growing recognition that social determinants are key factors in determining health outcomes. These determinants include where we live and work, what we eat and how safe it is. They also influence our ability to exercise, work and be safe. There is no denying that health care plays a significant role in the provision of health services. However, the foundation for a healthy community is undisputed. Hospitals and health system must partner with broad range of stakeholders to improve the health and well-being of our communities in order to manage true health. This type of community involvement is becoming more important as reimbursements are driven by value.


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