About the programme

Currently, the FCG offers workshops on various business topics of the fashion industry.

In the following you will find the webinar offers for September 2020






The current coronavirus epidemic shows us more clearly than ever that the established fashion systems are on the verge of collapse. On the one hand, this has catastrophic consequences in the globally networked, complex supply chains, but on the other hand it opens up space and potential for a radically new perspective – “A carte blanche for a new beginning” is what Lee Edelkoort calls it.

By reducing our energy consumption and the waste and emissions we produce, we are merely minimizing the negative effects of poor design. “People do not have a waste problem, they have a design problem,” argue William McDonough and Michael Braungart, the inventors of the Cradle to Cradle concept.

We can only solve these challenges by starting to rethink and find progressive and innovative answers. Providing food for thought and discussing them. The goal of this webinar is to encourage us all to think further and act differently.

What does sustainability mean and how can we change the world a little bit for the better with our brand?

The webinar will have a presentation and an active Q&A component.

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Everyone makes thousands of decisions every day. Most of them completely unconscious. From the first time we open our eyes until we go to bed in the evening. We have to make a decision. Do I wear the blue or the black pants? Do I go to the supermarket or the post office first? We don’t fare much better when we buy.

But who is the boss in the ring? What criteria do we use to make decisions? Who is to blame if they are the wrong ones? And how can we influence the decisions of others?

We will go into the depths of our subconscious, shed light on the most important psychological criteria, how decisions are made and how we can make use of this knowledge.


The webinar will have a presentation and an active Q&A component.

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Sustainability is en vogue in the fashion industry, but raises more questions than answers. Every brand would like to produce sustainably – not everyone can afford it, and certification is a laborious and not always transparent process. 

High Tech & Sustainability Expert Natasha Binar deals with the questions of how and where the right technologies should be applied to be or become sustainable? Which tools and platforms are relevant for a brand and why? And how do I communicate the sustainability of my brand, away from the dangers of “greenwashing”?

The webinar will have a presentation and an active Q&A component.

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Digital Storytelling – How Brands are using Technology to Innovate on 28.09.2020

Speaker: Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Holition-Jonathan Chippendale,
Founder und Managing Director #SHOWROOMING, Ayhan Yuruk

The emergence of digital has provided brands with a huge array of new tools and channels with which to communicate with the consumer.  Using advanced tools such as mixed reality, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, drones and holography, brands are reinventing customer relationships and transforming the way in which brands talk to customers, whether it using online channels or in physical stores, or indeed on the catwalk.

The webinar will have a presentation and active Q&A component. And will last approximately 1.5 hours.

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In 2018 in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business, the Fashion Council Germany offered a series of workshops, “FCG SEMINARS”, aimed at Berlin designers. Companies from the Berlin fashion industry have the opportunity to learn more about various topics.


Due to the current situation caused by the Corona crisis, all FCG seminars will be held via an online tool until further notice.

Applicants will be notified about their admittance by e-mail.

Phone +49 30 994 0489 50


Julia Krüger

Julia Krüger works for Berlin Partners who are responsible for the support of companies and research cooperations in Berlin in the field of fashion, music and sports. At Berlin Partner, various experts with individual services and an excellent network of business and science offer a variety of programs to help companies. The Start Alliance forms a network of start-up hubs worldwide that help companies adapt their business models to international markets and accelerate innovation.

Axel Lipinski-Mießner

Axel Lipinski-Mießner studied at the University of Kiel, Humboldt University Berlin and at the University of Hull (England). He completed his legal clerkship in Berlin, including positions at the Berlin Senate Chancellery, Taylor Wessing Rechtsanwälte and KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. In addition, Lipinski-Mießner is a trained banker and, as a research assistant at a chair for private, commercial and European law at the University of Zurich, has in-depth knowledge of Swiss civil law, UN sales law and international arbitration law. In February 2012, he founded his own company where he advises clients in real estate law as well as in commercial and corporate law.

Maxi Bohn

Maxi Bohn is a trained pattern maker, designer and fashion tailor with over a decade of professional experience. Her professional journey took her through fashion week labels like Kilian Kerner, global players like Hugo Boss and Zalandos Online private labels. Since the beginning of her career, she has grown quickly and repeatedly into strategic and leadership positions, which form the basis for her uniquely deep knowledge. She preferred independence to the upcoming Head Of Position in order to help sustainable fashion brands achieve long-term success. For FCG she gives a broad overview of her knowledge to give mid-sized brands a perspective for the time after the crisis.

Marte Hentschel

Marte Hentschel is the founder of Sourcebook, the B2B network for up-and-coming and established fashion designers, textile craftsmen, suppliers and service providers in the fashion industry. She advises fashion professionals and fashion start-ups and places suppliers, producers and service providers from Germany and Europe with a focus on sustainable procurement.

Matthias Schmid

Matthias is an entrepreneur and marketing expert. He became managing director of Social Chain GmbH in April 2016 to promote the German business with the unique marketing approach with its own reach on social media from Social Chain. Social Chain now consists of 30 marketing and social media experts who advise major brands and retailers and operatively take over social media channels. With two self-established start-ups during his studies, Matthias then took over the position of COO and CSO at Videobeat Networks in Hamburg. There he expanded the online video start-up from an initial 6 employees to a company with offices in London, Paris and New York and almost 80 employees.

Dorothee Sarah Spehar

Dorothee Sarah Spehar - Founder DS AGENCY Dorothee Sarah Spehar is a sustainability consultant and textile specialist working and living between Berlin, Copenhagen and New York. Her work with DS AGENCY focuses on supply chain transparency, compliance guiding and the motivation to enhance authentic sustainability culture through engaging retail and wholesale events.

Michaela Götz

Michaela Götz is a business mathematician and holds a certificate in Business Administration from the University of California Berkeley Extension. She has more than 20 years of marketing experience with leading international corporations, most recently as Brand Marketing Director. As a consultant and certified coach, she supports individuals, teams and companies in defining and communicating their brand, values and strengths.

Simon Angel

Trained as a master in Fine Art and after a modest television career (VPRO), Simon worked as a change-consultant for 6 years in The Hague (ministry of Finance, Internal Affairs, Justice, Economic and Foreign Affairs). Combining those careers, he is an entrepreneur in the field of (sustainable) fashion and educational institutes which leads to incubator and scale-up activities. He has several partnerships with governmental institutions and companies. Easily switching in different roles: as a strategic (sparring-) partner, trainer / coach, consultant, business developer, teacher, collaborating partner and investor.

Dr. iur. Christian Böhler

Dr. Christian Böhler is an attorney at law in Frankfurt am Main for the international law firm Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP daily and specializes in the areas of IP (in particular trademarks), competition, distribution and food law with a special focus on the consumer goods industry. He is the author of numerous national and international articles which have also found their way into supreme court rulings. Dr. Böhler is also a regular speaker at national and international conferences on current issues.

Linda Leinweber

As an M.Sc.Psychologist, expert for Mental Health and certified coach (DBVC) Linda Leinweber supports people and companies to find a way that allows health, productivity and happiness. Mental strength and resilience form the foundation for this. With her work she wants to prevent stress related and mental illness. Linda Leinweber lives in Berlin and supports companies and private individuals through coaching, workshops and webinars to build a healthy way of working and living. She regularly shares her tips and methods for mental health on instagram @psychologin_lindaleinweber, on tik tok @psychologin_linda and in her podcast "don't panic" on Spotify. She can be contacted via hallo@lindaleinweber.com for inquiries, as well as via her website. In cooperation with JOLIE, she publishes a monthly article with an accompanying video on the topics of self-love and self-care on "Selfove Sunday" https://www.jolie.de/redaktion/linda.

Holger Max-Lang

Holger Max-Lang joined Lectra in Germany in 2002 as Automotive Account Director, having previously held various marketing and sales positions in IT and automotive companies. He then took on management positions for Lectra in Germany, Eastern Europe, and Russia before being appointed Managing Director of Lectra Germany based in Ismaning in 2018. Since January 2019, Holger has been President of the Northern & Eastern Europe, Middle East region and member of the Executive Committee of Lectra S.A. in Paris.

Jana Krentzlin

After the 36-year-old worked for fashion magazines like Couch and Maxi, she fashion editor Jana became self-employed as a stylist almost three years ago and is now one of the Artists of the agency Nina Klein from Berlin. Since then she has been travelling more with suitcases than home. If in doubt, you can find them in the ICE between Berlin and Hamburg in the Bordbistro, occasionally also in LA, Cape Town, Mexico or Lisbon

Saskia Jung

Saskia is an Art Director & Creative Consultant from Berlin with over 8 years of experience in fashion and social media. She has already worked with numerous internationally renowned brands and magazines such as Nike, Closed, Vagabond and L'Officiel. Her specialties are fashion styling, content creation, social media and influencer marketing.

Alexander Sextl

The master tailor and state-certified model maker became self-employed with a cutting service after his employment as HAKA model maker at Lodenfrey in Munich. Since 2001 he has been making cuts and gradings for the textile industry, specialising mainly in HAKA, functional and operational clothing and traditional costumes. The pattern designs in the Herren-Rundschau also originate from his hand. As an additional service he has been offering 3D simulations with Vidya from Assyst since 2018.

Elke Dostal

After several years as editor and deputy fashion director for various fashion magazines Elke started working freelance to combine her love of fashion with her passion for travelling and culture. She loves taking her inspiration from literally everywhere, from the international runways to authentic everyday situations, places and colours. “I love the act of creation, when the model is not only beautiful and perfectly dressed but expresses something more, a modern and authentic feeling, a sense of now. That’s when I feel truly touched. That’s how I find a part of myself in everything I do.“

Astrid Haury

Astrid Haury is a beauty and interior design expert as well as an innovation and communication professional. She studied German language and literature, sports and politics and was subsequently, for several years, budget director and conceptionist for agencies for fashion and lifestyle products. Astrid Haury worked for 13 years on the corporate side at Cosnova-Beauty, in the areas of communication, socials, innovation and corporate responsibility, before she became the initiator and co-founder of a company in social business and sustainability. In her current project she is the head of the start up "no PB GmbH" and initiated the design platform TRASH2TREASURE.

Theo Grassl

fter many years of working as a communications professional, strategist and brand architect on corporate and agency websites (including BMW AG, Grey direct eMarketing New York, the argonauten Munich), Theo Grassl has made it his mission to pass on his knowledge as a lecturer, speaker and trainer. As a lecturer at the Polimoda in Florence and leading teacher of the Business Faculty of Macromedia University and the University of Westminster in London, he teaches, among other things, the study courses Fashion Brand Management, Fashion Communication Management, International Management and Business Psychology, both in the Bachelor and Master's programmes. His main focus is on operative and strategic corporate management, brand leadership, the basics of behavioural psychology and analysis, and marketing management.

Anabel Ternès

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is CEO of GetYourWings (https://getyourwings.de) for the teaching of sustainable value-oriented future competencies. She is, among other things, on the board of Bitkom AK Work 4.0 & Innovation and of NFTE, on advisory boards, as ambassador and mentor. Anabel Ternès heads the Institute for Sustainability Management and holds a professorship for International Business Administration. She is a blogger, author of more than 50 books and speaks regularly on future topics such as Work 4.0, New Leadership and Empowerment. Anabel Ternès led business development in international lifestyle companies for several years.

Fionn Dobbin

Fionn Dobbin is a partner and creative director at the design consultancy age5 and the Social Business production company MAMMU... As an innovation designer and creative consultant he has worked for more than 30 brands, such as Fortune 100 companies such as General Motors , BASF and ADIDAS . For more than 10 years he has been involved in the field of social business. He frequently teaches creative self-confidence and social business at several leading Business schools around the globe. His design agency age5 applies transformation design processes to create effective change. within individuals, systems and organizations.

Petra Esparza McAlpine

Petra Esparza McAlpine is of Mexican-American-German descent and holds a degree in International Relations from St. Mary's University of San Antonio, Texas. While the agency was initially international, Petra quickly realized that the DACH market offered a huge opportunity and a "safe" business. Since she had settled with her family in Munich, Germany, this seemed like the perfect setup. The agency is now on niche collections like RAQUEL ALLEGRA, ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS, JONATHAN SIMKHAI, P.E NATION, HARRIS WHARF, MII COLLECTIONS, RE/DONE... from the USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, India and so on.

Natasha Binar

Natasha Binar launched projects for creative industries in East London, UK, collaborating with the finest British talents. She also worked as a producer with British Sky Broadcasting in developing and implementing their content strategy for Sky Interactive. In Germany, she has set up her own agency focusing on business development, digital strategies and branding for newcomer and established fashion brands, before joining Launchmetrics. She is also part of the jury for several design platforms in London, Berlin, Reykjavik, Prague and Moscow. Natasha also holds a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Melanie Bauer

Melanie Bauer founded her fashion sales agency MELAGENCE 2013 in Berlin. With her team she represents international brands such as Mara Hoffman, House of Dagmar, Christian Wijnants or Vivetta and selects her labels with passion and heart. Due to the current situation, Melanie started, without further ado, the #SupportEachOther campaign to get the industry to work together more. Together with her team she communicated possibilities, to to sell and communicate despite and beyond the lockdown, via Instagram, WhatsApp and their own webshop. In May, Melanie Bauer launched her own e-commerce platform, which links stores and customers throughout Germany: the Melagence Local online shop supports stores that were previously less present online and offers international luxury fashion that customers can order from stores throughout Germany.

Florence Krasch

After several stations in her study career, which leads from the Academy for Fashion and Design (Hamburg) to the University of California Riverside, she is currently doing her Master of Science in the field of E-Commerce. Since April 2019 she has been working as an e-commerce manager and analyst. Her responsibilities include online marketing and shop management for Mode Guido Maria Kretschmer. Furthermore, Florence Krasch is the contact person for the further development and implementation of e-commerce measures, as well as a lecturer for e-commerce business at the vocational school in Ahrensburg.

Friederike von Wedel-Parlow

Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow built up and directed the master program "Sustainability in Fashion" at ESMOD Berlin from 2011-2016 and currently the follow-up program at AMD Berlin. She is a juror for the "Bundespreis Ecodesign" of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment and founder of the Beneficial Design Institute (BD-I). She conducts design research and development and provides strategic and conceptual advice to companies with regard to the holistic sustainable design of innovative, recyclable products and processes. After studying fashion design at the UDK under Vivienne Westwood and working as an artistic assistant to her in the chair, von Wedel founded the label "vonWedel&Tiedeken" together with Regina Tiedeken in 2003 and launched a sustainable fashion collection under her own name in 2009. Since then she has pursued the goal of consistently rethinking fashion and establishing a positive cultural change.