#FCGVOICES TALK | Melissa Drier with Jacqueline Farrell, Cyrill Gutsch and Clare Langhammer

Melissa Drier with Jacqueline Farrel, Cyrill Gutsch and Clare Langhammer

In response to all the questions raised by the current crisis in our industry, we are launching our new E-Talk format: #FCGVOICES. In digital form, these are based on the classic concept of the roundtable and in addition to the current challenges they will also and especially focus on necessary system changes in the fashion industry, so that the future of fashion can be discussed by industry experts and opinion leaders.

The 18th #FCGVOICES Talk is the first English speaking session of the series and is moderated by Melissa Drier and welcomes among its participants Jacqueline Farrell (The Prince’s Foundation), Cyrill Gutsch (Parley for the Oceans) and Clare Langhammer (Fake PR).