How are you and your label doing right now?

Me and my team are fine. We’ve settled in at home and we’re connected by the digital world. But I miss the direct contact – this is just a learning process that shows me how much I enjoy working with people.


How do you currently perceive the world?

The news is the window to the outside world and it is exciting to watch how different cultures and countries act in such times. It’s an incredible situation in which all people are equally vulnerable – no matter where you come from, what gender you are or what your social status is. I feel very privileged to be in Germany.

At the same time, this is a huge opportunity for awareness raising: What is important and what do I want to stand for? It gives me, but also society, the space to rethink my own thoughts and priorities.


What insight does that lead you to?

I have always taken the time and space to let projects mature. Now that time is “given” to you, so to speak, I notice even more strongly that you should take even more of it. Good ideas and design need time to grow. Time is precious and it should be used consciously and carefully.


Do you have a wish for the time after Corona?

I would hope that the currently discussed and lived awareness of humanity in a society will continue to exist beyond the crisis.