How are you?

We are fine, we are handling the situation calmly. Detlef has the privilege of having his apartment above the studio. Julia works from home. We are able to continue working as usual, since we produce everything in the immediate vicinity and our leather also comes from Germany. And one has to admit: we draw strength from the peace and quiet at the moment.


What are you having hard time with these days?

With the uncertainty. How do you plan for an uncertain future? How long will it take to get back to normal? Will it return to normal? Which of our customers will be able to reopen their businesses in the end? We also think that this autumn there will not be the opportunity to hold trade fairs. So where will we be seen – and are new forms of presentation possible? This is also an opportunity!


How can you be supported now?

The fear that we think many smaller brands have now is to dissappear in the chaos. On the other hand, there is a very real need for economic support and financial relief.


What impact will Corona have on the fashion industry in the long term?

For the production: The world has definitely become smaller! We are all becoming painfully aware just how dependent we are on this globalization. Maybe it’s worth taking a look at the local area again.

For the retail trade: For a long time people were afraid of the gradual disappearance of the retail trade.
Now that we see what it would be like without him, we long for him back. We hope for a kind of renaissance and a new appreciation for beautiful and individual shops with a personal approach and a conscious product selection.

For us as consumers: hopefully a change in values.


What is fashion for in times of Corona?

Fashion is optimism, so we need it now!