How are you doing in the current crisis?

It’s a big change in everyday life and for the future. We feel insecure because the consequences of the crisis are not yet clear. On the other hand, we see a great chance for a complete change of what seems to be an outdated and outworn system. More than ever we believe that a more conscious consumption is necessary – the prerequisites for this are a more environmentally conscious production and distribution.


Does the present also bring positive results?

Definitely! We have learned that for us cohesion is an important aspect to keep a cool head. Furthermore, we feel more confirmed than ever in our philosophy of sustainability and no-waste policy.


What is fashion for in times of Corona?

Fashion makes you happy, even when you can only present it at home for the time being. It remains important to invest in pieces that are not dependent on trends. They should bring joy for an eternity. In good times and bad.


Your recommendation for quarantine?

To continue to be curious, to embrace the charms of our time.


What are you wearing in the home office?

Cosy, colourful and silky; a little glamour for ourselves! Rianna loves best to wear her “One of a Kind” caftan dresses made of vintage silk scarves. Nina loves the new “Loukoumi” print kimonos for every day.