FCG SEMINARS light | April Edition

From April 2019, the Fashion Council Germany will offer additional business workshops on topics such as digital solutions, public relations, data protection law, influencer marketing – legal basics and more.

On 17.04.2019, fashion professionals will have the opportunity to attend a one-day workshop on topics such as the effective use of available resources and networks in PR or Influencer & Digital Communication.

The first edition of the SEMINARS light on 17.04.2019 will be offered with the partners Launchmetrics and haebmau. in the showroom of the FCG.

PROGRAM | 17.04.2019

Effective use of available resources and network

How can I reach important buyers and the press?
How do I make the most of my existing contacts?
Which trade fair is relevant for me?
How do I develop my brand in an international direction?
Which marketing strategies are the right ones in the digital age?

Speakers: Natasha Binar; Marketing & Communications Executive Germany, Switzerland, Holland; Launchmetrics & Natalie Alazraki; Business Development Director; Launchmetrics


Focus – and don’t get lost!

Influencer marketing and digital communication are THE trend topics. But what does successful communication in digital channels and cooperation with influencers look like? Which channels are still relevant for a fashion brand today? When is it about branding and when is it about sale? Are influencers part of strategic communication or just product placement? And how do I identify the right influencers?

Speaker: Lars Urban, Head of Digital Communications, haebmau.

Each workshop is accompanied by a registration phase in advance. Please send an e-mail (name, first name, company, position, address, telephone number, year of foundation, website URL, Facebook@, Instagram@) to the following address:

Due to the limited number of participants in the FCG Seminars light Workshops, Fashion Professionals will be given priority for participation. After careful checking of the e-mail registration, the applicants will be informed by e-mail about acceptance or rejection.

A participation fee of 25 Euro per person will be charged for each day’s workshop.

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