After the announcement of the four participants in the German Sustain Concept (GSC) at the last FCGFIRESIDECHAT during Berlin Fashion Week in mid-January, the programme promoting young, sustainable designers started into the next round.
In the course of the so-called Counselor Day the four participating brands LARA KRUDE, OFTEN, PHYLYDA and WORKING TITLE met experts from different business areas in the FCG showroom.
The meeting not only served the purpose for the brands and counselors Nina Klein (Flow Counselor), Marte Hentschel (Sourcing Counselor) and Tatjana Sprick (Distribution Counselor to get to know each other. At the same time, the schedule for the upcoming 2 years was presented and coordinated. The German Sustain Concept does not only include the individual promotion of economic structures, but also the participation in events, that provide more visibility for the brands and enables them to establish a solid network for a long-term market positioning.