Reception at the Federal Chancellery

Dorothee Bär, Federal Government Commissioner for Digitalisation and Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor, invited selected guests and opinion leaders of the German fashion industry to the Reception at the Federal Chancellery on 6 July 2018 in dialogue with the Fashion Council Germany (FCG).


The fact that a meeting between the incumbent Chancellor and representatives of the German fashion industry actually took place during the reception was certainly the surprise sensation of Berlin Fashion Week. Dorothee Bär had actually invited selected guests, designers and opinion leaders, including John Cloppenburg (Peek & Cloppenburg), Nina Kuhn and Rianna Nektaria Konou (Rianna + Nina) or Dorothee Schumacher to an exchange of views at the Federal Chancellery. But Angela Merkel herself also came to inform herself about the current situation of Germany as a fashion nation and to get to know some of the representatives personally.


According to Dorothee Bär, the reception was a “prelude to a dialogue to advance fashion designed in Germany in the digital age. The fact that the Chancellor herself came to the reception shows the importance of the fashion industry for our country.” A combination with real symbolic effect. In the past, the creative industry justifiably complained time and again that in Germany – unlike in neighbouring countries such as France or Italy – fashion is not taken seriously as a cultural asset. And this despite their economic power. After all, around 135,000 employees in Germany work in the textile and clothing industry with an annual sales volume of around 35 billion euros.


The FCG will use the resulting discussions as an opportunity to stimulate the development and implementation of joint concepts in order to support the German fashion industry in seizing the opportunities that present themselves. The aim of the activities is to anchor German fashion as a cultural and economic good in society as a whole.

Photocredits: Fashion Council Germany/Lisa Wassmann